We have openings for PhD student in Spring, Summer or Fall 2020. Interested areas are: 1) Circuits design, wireless data communication; 2) wearable or implantable electronics.

10 2019 Our “In vivo wireless pharmacology and optogenetics” work is published by PNAS.

MS# 2019-09850R_cover 2

09/2019  Dr. Zhang traveled to Princeton, N.J., and delivered a 5 mins presentation at Siemens Healthcare AI Center. Many Thanks Dean Loboa and Siemens’ Dorin Comaniciu, Sasa Grbic, Puneet Sharma, Eli Gibson, Ali Kamen, Tiziano Passerini and Daphne Yu. 

Siemens Trip

09/2019 Our “In vivo wireless pharmacology and optogenetics” work is accepted by PNAS

08/2019 Dr. Zhang is invited to serve as a reviewer for a Department of Defense proposal review panel.

07/2019 Our lab hosted Mizzou Engineering High School Summer Camp.

07/2019  Our soft nerve cuff paper is published by Science Advances.


07/2019 Prof. Zhang received  2019 BMES Career Development Award. Thanks Biomedical Engineering Society for the support.

06/2019 Our collaborative work on soft-hard interface has been accepted for publication in PNAS

06/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the 93rd ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium at Georgia Institute of Technology. Very excited to meet  friends, colleagues and advisor.


05/2019 Our review paper of “biosnesors for kidney and hypertension management” is published by Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension. Congratulations!


04/2019 Our collaborative work is featured as back cover in the recent issue of Lab on a Chip.


04/2019 Our collaborative proposal is funded by NIH. Thanks NIH for the support.

04/2019 Prof. Zhang received Faculty Incentive Fund for traveling from the College of Engineering at Mizzou. Thanks Mizzou for the support.

04/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the 2019 NSF ENG Career Proposal Writing Workshop.

03/2019 Our optofluidic work is accepted by Science Advances. Congratulations!

03/2019 Our paper of sweat sensing for kidney disorder monitoring is published by Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!

03/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the NSF workshop on sensor systems integrated with AI and data harnessing for personalized medicine. Rewarding trip!

02/2019 Our lab received grant from the Mizzou Research Council. Congratulations!

01/2019 He Sun, Guangfu, and Huijie joined the group. Welcome!

11/2018 Prof. Zhang gave two talks “Injectable, Brain-Interfaced Optofluidic Device for Programmable Fluid Delivery and Optogenetics” and “Lab-on-Skin: Epidermal Microfluidic Device for the Capture, Storage, and Colorimetric Sensing of Sweat” at AIChE 2018 at Pittsburgh, PA.

10/2018 Zhengyan joined the group. Welcome!