We have openings for PhD student in Spring, Summer or Fall 2020. Interested areas are: 1) Circuits design, wireless data communication; 2) wearable or implantable electronics.

09/2019 Our “In vivo wireless pharmacology and optogenetics” work is accepted by PNAS

08/2019 Dr. Zhang is invited to serve as a reviewer for a Department of Defense proposal review panel.

07/2019 Our lab hosted Mizzou Engineering High School Summer Camp.

07/2019  Our soft nerve cuff paper is published by Science Advances.


07/2019 Prof. Zhang received  2019 BMES Career Development Award. Thanks Biomedical Engineering Society for the support.

06/2019 Our collaborative work on soft-hard interface has been accepted for publication in PNAS

06/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the 93rd ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium at Georgia Institute of Technology. Very excited to meet  friends, colleagues and advisor.


05/2019 Our review paper of “biosnesors for kidney and hypertension management” is published by Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension. Congratulations!


04/2019 Our collaborative work is featured as back cover in the recent issue of Lab on a Chip.


04/2019 Our collaborative proposal is funded by NIH. Thanks NIH for the support.

04/2019 Prof. Zhang received Faculty Incentive Fund for traveling from the College of Engineering at Mizzou. Thanks Mizzou for the support.

04/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the 2019 NSF ENG Career Proposal Writing Workshop.

03/2019 Our optofluidic work is accepted by Science Advances. Congratulations!

03/2019 Our paper of sweat sensing for kidney disorder monitoring is published by Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!

03/2019 Prof. Zhang attended the NSF workshop on sensor systems integrated with AI and data harnessing for personalized medicine. Rewarding trip!

02/2019 Our lab received grant from the Mizzou Research Council. Congratulations!

01/2019 He Sun, Guangfu, and Huijie joined the group. Welcome!

11/2018 Prof. Zhang gave two talks “Injectable, Brain-Interfaced Optofluidic Device for Programmable Fluid Delivery and Optogenetics” and “Lab-on-Skin: Epidermal Microfluidic Device for the Capture, Storage, and Colorimetric Sensing of Sweat” at AIChE 2018 at Pittsburgh, PA.

10/2018 Zhengyan joined the group. Welcome!