Principle investigator
Yi Zhang (Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology)
Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Institute of Materials Science
University of Connecticut

Postdoc Fellows

Dr. Guangfu Wu (Ph.D, City University of Hong Kong, Jan. 2019 – Now, Selected publications: PNAS, 2019)

Dr. Yang Song (Ph.D., Kansas State University, Jan. 2021- Now)

PhD Students

Zhengyan Weng (Georgia Tech/ University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2018 – Now, Selected publications: PNAS, 2019; Lab on a Chip, 2019)

He Sun (Dalian University of Technology/Dalian University of Technology, Spring 2019 – Now; Publication: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces)

Huijie Li (South China Normal University/Sun Yat-sen University, Spring 2019 – Now; Selected publication: ACS Sensors, 2021)

Xincheng Zhang (University of Pittsburgh, June 2021- Now)

Caihong Li (Lanzhou University/Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fall 2021)

Yingqi Qiang (Jilin University/University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2021)

Vagif Abdulla (Bilkent University, Fall 2021)

Yuxuan Zhang (Zhengzhou University/Northeastern University, Fall 2021)

Research Scientist

Gavin Fennell (University of Connecticut, Fall 2021- Now)

Master Students

Ian Heck (University of Missouri, Summer 2019- Now)

Yue Cao (Jiangsu University, Spring 2021-Now)

Undergraduate Students

Grace Jackson (UConn BME, Fall 2021)

Alexi Switz (UConn BME, Summer 2021)

Leah Sobotka (UConn BME, Summer 2021)


Shuhong Yang (Master student, Fall 2019-Summer 2021, Position leaving group: Research Associate in Dr. Wan’s group at the University of Missouri)

Dr. Zan Gao (Nov. 2020-Nov. 2021; Postdoc; Current position: Engineer at II-VI Incorporated)

Megan Richmond (Undergraduate researcher; Position leaving group: Remediation Engineer at Cook Medical)

Yousuf  El-Jayyousi (Undergraduate researcher)

Amanda Wilt (Undergraduate researcher; 2021 Outstanding Senior Biomedical Engineer)

Jacob Heath (Undergraduate researcher; Position leaving group: Field Engineer at Abbott)